The Company

We want you to know the company you are going to work with!


DropsQuestion – Unipessoal Lda. Is a company that takes the form of a sole shareholder company. It has the NIPC 514 918 152 and it soothes in the Street Fialho de Almeida, nº 14, 2º Left, Esc. BG 14, 1070-129 Lisbon.
You can consult the questions related to the commercial registration of the company in the Portal of Publications of the Ministry of Justice.


DropsQuestion was established in 2018 and its activity builds on the capabilities acquired by its partners and employees over the years. This is the credibility base of a new company but full of ambition and not afraid to commit to the challenges it faces on behalf of its customers.
Throughout the ages, we understand the importance of innovation and also of processes in organizations. This has led us to a path of permanent quest for improvement and also the incessant quest for perfection; ours and our customers.

Our Vision

DropsQuestion wants to be the leader in innovation and business development.
This vision guides our path and, at the same time, demonstrates the conviction in our project and the trajectory to follow. The future image that guides us is made of satisfied customers as a result of our constant work and support. It’s amazing how we develop our work with productivity, time for family and happiness!

Our Mission

DropsQuestion has a mission: to allow itself and its customers to be one step closer to the future, constantly innovating for the efficiency and optimization of their internal processes, in relation to customers and also in fulfilling legal obligations.
In this way, it is important to note our performance in terms of personal data protection, but also in the presentation of modern control and improvement processes, with clear advantages in terms of improving the margins of the business and also optimization of internal processes, commercial, industrial or other, among other critical factors that will allow you to distinguish your business.
This is all because we believe in ourselves, we believe in ourselves and, above all, in our capacity to “build the future today”. This is our motto and this is what moves us together with each partner, with each person who contacts us or with whom we contact.

A story that tells itself

A few years ago, a man opened a hole to make a well but found no water. Days later his ass fell into the hole. Since he had no means of recovering the donkey and as a way to end his suffering, he decided to bury the donkey alive. To that end, he began to throw earth to plug the hole. As he threw the earth, the donkey felt it in his body, he shook himself and stepped on the earth that fell on him. So he reached the top and that same day, he was already grazing as usual.
This story is told to all the new collaborators and is also demonstrative of what we want to be:
– Never give up, above all before testing and attesting to all possibilities and impossibilities;
– Difficulties are normal in any way and at any time in life, a person or a company. It is necessary to know how to “shake” these difficulties and use them for their own benefit. This is part of our mission!
– Sometimes, not always who seems to want you badly is not with that attitude or will and, more often than not, only does it to help you or to give you the way to achieve your goals;
– We should never tire of “shaking” and “stepping”, every day and consequently at all times of life;
You’re probably wondering if we’re what we say … Right? It’s also easy to answer: contact us!